Weird tales of high-school sex and redemption


A spat of sex news have recently awaken me from my innocent slumber. Most are disturbing, some are interesting and some - I already forgot.

The conservative press writes about a high-school sex contest in Surrey, BC, where Grade 11 and 12 boys have been competing to see how many Grade 8 girls they can have sex with before graduating.

It's called The Little Girl Slayers Club, said Anita Roberts, founder of SafeTeen, a violence prevention group for youths that was called in to talk to the 150 Grade 8 girls who attend Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School in Cloverdale, B.C.

School official got wind of the LGS Club after some students complained and a staff member found evidence of it on Facebook, said Doug Strachan, manager of communications with the Surrey School Board. The School Board called the RCMP to investigate and talk to the school's Grade 11 and 12 boys about about the repercussions of their actions, “not only from a health perspective but from a legal one,” said Stachan.

SafeTeen was called in to talk to the girls. “All the girls knew about it,” said Roberts. “They were more angry than scared.” That's a good thing, said Roberts, because girls are usually socialized not to get angry, but “anger is the emotion that tells them they have been violated.”

The key is to arm girls with the skills to channel that anger in an assertive, powerful, and non-violent way ‹ which is what SafeTeen aims to do. “They are hungry for this information,” she said. “You have no idea. ... I've been on this planet for a long time. Older boys seducing younger girls has been going on forever.” Strachan said as far as he knows, the contest was limited to a few boys. He said RCMP are investigating how much of it was “male bravado” and how much of it was “real activity.” Police could not be reached as of press time. “Some of these boys, if not most, have sisters in school, so they take a dim view of that,” he said.

Roberts agrees there were likely only a few culprits but said the SafeTeen workshops did come across a few targets of the contest.

Grade 8 age is 13-14, while Grade 11 is 16-18. In Canada the age of consent is 16, with 14- and 15-year-olds being able to consent to sex with people up to 5 years older. BC has its own pedophiles, but until not long ago they used to practice sex tourism..

VANCOUVER - A Burnaby, B.C. man has pleaded guilty to sex tourism charges involving 14 underage girls in Cambodia and Colombia. Kenneth Klassen appeared in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver on Friday and admitted to committing the crimes between December 1998 and March of 2002. He also pleaded guilty to one count of importing child pornography and will be sentenced in July. Klassen, a father of three, was originally facing 35 charges for the exploitation and sexual abuse of children in Cambodia, Colombia and the Philippines. He was accused of abusing girls as young as nine and charged in 2007 after a two-and-a-half-year international investigation that netted videos showing a man having sex with young girls. Klassen challenged Canada's child-sex tourism law in 2009, saying Canadian courts had no jurisdiction in other countries, but a B.C. Supreme Court judge ruled the law is internationally valid because many countries have similar legislation. "In the absence of extraterritorial legislation, Canada would become a safer harbour for those who engage in the economic or sexual exploitation of children," Justice Austin Cullen wrote in his decision.

Canada's child-sex tourism laws were enacted in 1997 and bolstered five years later so the consent of the foreign country where allegations of sexual abuse took place was no longer needed in order to lay charges.

Luckily, the aforementioned “contest” was limited in scope, but more troubling news are coming from Netherlands, where it seems that schools are not all that safe. Here’s Maria Mosterd story, as told by the Telegraph:

The schoolgirl was spotted on her first day of secondary school by an older boy who attended the technology college next door who set out to become her "loverboy", a type of pimp who targets very young girls.

"Loverboys" are usually in their 20s and single out vulnerable girls, often from middle-class homes, and spend weeks acting as their boyfriend and lavishing gifts and attention before forcing them to sleep with other men.

Manou & Maria

In the case of Miss Mosterd, now 20, from Zwolle, she was first pushed into prostitution at just 12 when her lover boy Manou plied her with cannabis, beat her and took her to a house where she was forced to have sex with two men.

He told her: "You'll do well, you're the right size, you're well taken care of, they like that."

She published two books, but they are not available on Amazon in North America:

Echte mannen eten geen kaas / druk 25: vier jaar in handen van een loverboy (.CA, .UK, .FR, .DE, .JP, .cn)

The book of her describing her four-year ordeal, Real Men Don't Eat Cheese, was a best-seller, a film is in pre-production and it has rallied police, teachers, parents and politicians to confront the growing phenomenon of "loverboys".

What makes Miss Mosterd's story even more shocking is that her caring mother Lucie, a drama teacher, had no inkling of what was happening because Manou forced her to carry out the sordid secret life in school hours.

Manou would take her out of class and deliver her to different houses, being careful to always provide her with a change of clothes so her mother would not smell the cannabis smoke and deliver her back home at 5pm in time for dinner.

There were rapes and beatings and she was forced to single out other girls and deliver drugs and guns in her school bag, with Manou counting on the fact that police never noticed "a sweet little girl".

"Manou had regular customers. Some were fathers, family men, company directors, school directors," she said.

She sued her school, but the court ruled in January 2010 that the school was not to blame.

Ms Mosterd, now aged 20, said the school failed to provide a safe learning environment and ignored her frequent absences. She demanded 74,000 euros in damages. However, the court found that the school had not acted wrongly, and the primary responsibility for care lay with the girl’s parents.

It all ended when a teacher confronted her over her unmotivated absences which had accumulated over several years. Her mother had never been told that her 12 year old daughter had basically stopped attending school and had no idea what was going on:

This lifestyle continued for four years, during which time Miss Mosterd received no money, but was given limitless cannabis.

It only stopped when a teacher finally confronted her about her truancy.

In response, Miss Mosterd disclosed a part-truth about a recent ordeal where she had been promised a "surprise" which had turned out to be a gang rape.

Shockingly, to her desensitised mind, it did not seem too terrible and she was surprised by the reaction she got.

"I couldn't work out why the teacher and then my mother made such a drama of it. By then it was all normal to me," she said.

Her Mother is angry both that the school failed to tell her about the truancy and that she did not know what was going on.

"If it could happen to me as a mother, it could happen to anyone," she said. "Maria would always shower when she came in, but I thought she was sweaty from cycling home. She never went out at night. I didn't know what was going on in school time," she said.

In this very liberal country, it comes as a surprise that, as the Youth Socialists (ROOD) claim, victims of loverboys are not taken seriously by the Police.

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