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There's an artist I really like and I think you would as well, if you give him a chance. His name is Tomoyuki Tanaka (田中知之 Tanaka Tomoyuki), performing under the stage name of Fantastic Plastic Machine.

Here’s how the All Music Guide tells his story:

The most producer-driven act in the Japanese pop movement known as Shibuya-kei, Fantastic Plastic Machine was formed by Tomoyuki Tanaka. Though he has the basic stylistic tastes requisite of the Shibuya-kei artist (namely lounge music, bossa nova, French pop, and soft rock), Tanaka has more of a club mentality, driven by his long experience as a DJ. Born in Kyoto, he entered the music business in the late '80s as a bassist for a ten-piece trad rock band known as Margarine Strikes Back. Absorbed into dance music and the acid house movement near the turn of the decade, he formed a DJ team called Sound Impossible and began spinning a mix of French and Brazilian pop, soundtrack music, and exotica. At one Sound Impossible show, longtime Deee-Lite turntablist Towa Tei convinced Tomoyuki Tanaka to begin recording again, and Fantastic Plastic Machine was born.

Fantastic Plastic Machine Audio CD (.CA, .UK, .FR, .DE, .JP, .cn)

Here’s what wikipedia tells us:

Tanaka's song "Electric Lady Land" has been featured on the movie soundtrack of The Girl Next Door. He has also been featured on some of DJ Stephane Pompougnac's Hôtel Costes CD series. His song "Bachelor Pad (f.p.m. edit)" was featured on the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack. A short edit of his song "Beautiful Days" is featured on the Japanese music game beatmania IIDX 6th style. Also, "Theme of Luxury", "S'Il Vous Plait" and "There Must Be an Angel" are heard in the British sitcom Spaced as well as on the accompanying soundtrack CD. In 2003, his "Different Colors" was featured in a Louis Vuitton commercial created by superflat artist Takashi Murakami. The commercial featured a panda that eats a girl and her cell phone; the three are then transported into an ethereal Louis Vuitton world. This commercial played in Louis Vuitton stores in Japan.

He’s just awesome, but don’t take my word for it. Buy his stuff, visit his websites or just watch his clips below.

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