Ludger Wößmann: Education Studies


A friend of mine has recently mentioned Prof Woessmann in a blog article. I was looking at the article she mentioned and then it dawned on my that I might as well try to present these articles in a way that is easier to access.

woessmannSince I’m writing this article to take a closer look at his research, I’d rather not dwell too long on who he is. I will start, however, with his CV. As with other PDF lists on this blog, to open each PDF document, click its link and it will open below. You can then maximize the PDF, search it or magnify it within the same window.

Sources / More info: Woessman @ IFO, W @ A.B., W@ideas, wiki-lw, enee,

PDF Docs: [Short CV] [The Impact of Teacher Subject Knowledge on Student Achievement: Evidence from Within-Teacher Within-Student Variation (2010)] [The Effect of Protestantism on Education before the Industrialization: Evidence from 1816 Prussia (2010)] [School Competition and Students' Entrepreneurial Intentions: International Evidence Using Historical Catholic Roots of Private Schooling (2010)] [The Economics of International Differences in Educational Achievement (2010)] [Cross-Country Evidence on Teacher Performance Pay] [Sample Selectivity and the Validity of International Student Achievement Tests in Economic Research (2010)]

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