Getting ready for resolutions


The new year is approaching and at this time of reflection, it’s worth considering how the past year has gone and how we’d like to new year to be. We present a few surveys and a “resolution” replacement.

The first is a survey from A List Apart and is made for those who make websites (link in Sources).

The second is from Seth Godin, a self-marketing (self-styled) guru. He’s suggesting you ask yourself a few important questions:

Who are you trying to please?

What are you promising?

How much money are you trying to make?

How much freedom are you willing to trade for opportunity?

What are you trying to change?

What do you want people to say about you?

Which people?

Do we care about you?

(and after each answer, ask 'why?')

Finally, Chris Brogan suggests that instead of making resolutions or “to do lists” for the new year, you only come up with 3 words, synthesizing your most important resolutions.

3 words pathways

He lists the necessary steps to take in this method:

  • Determine 3 guiding words for my efforts in 2010.
  • List 1-3 paths to accomplishing those goals (aka strategies).
  • List distractions that might possibly scuttle my efforts.
  • List the steps for each path (these are the projects that map to the goals).
  • List what the “finish line” looks like.
  • List what comes next, should I actually accomplish something major along those paths.

His example:

Goal words: active
Path 1 to the goal: avoid elevators and drive-thru food.
Path 2 to the goal: prepare daily
Path 3 to the goal: make time for activities and make them FUN
Distractions: making excuses, forgetting to eat, lack of preparation
Steps to the path (here’s where I’d list out a few ways to start- don’t scare yourself)
The finish line: 3-5 activities a week, looser jeans, a need to go shopping
What’s next: step it up to the next level of activity. Try something challenging.

See the difference? I’m trying to set fluid guidance and not static points. In a way, the idea is to figure out orienteering versus memorizing a set map.

Enjoy the questions, but most of all, the answers!

Sources / More info: 3-words-brogan, cco-eoy, webmaker-survey, seth-y

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