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I would like to present to you 2 awesome condensations of ideas seen on TVO, Ontario's public television: one is a Hancock Lecture by Professor Jordan Peterson on the Necessity of Virtue, the second is an interview with Comedian Russell Peters concerning is autobiography.

We have previously presented Professor Peterson in amazing lectures and Discovering... This new lecture builds on the previous but unlike them, it seems geared for adults and not just frosh. He is far more therapeutical and expands his theme “life is suffering” and “follow your bliss” – haven’t I heard that before? Still, it is tremendously entertaining, uplifting and clarifying (you can read my notes).

Call Me Russell [Hardcover]

Russell Peters could not be more different. In an interview with Allen Gregg, Russell gives us a quick peek at his inner demons and sensitivity to racial stereotyping. He seems oddly upset by the word “Paki” but does not understand why some Sikhs may take offence to his jokes involving a fusion of their culture and hockey. But such eccentricities are only to be expected from a major Canadian success, the only comic who has ever sold out the Air Canada Centre.

Russell’s standup: 97, midgets, citizenship, minorities

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