Trapped in a Dream


Under the imperium of a rather silly dream, I resolve to finish writing a few ideas that my be useful to others, more so than this article, which is largely a "journal" or more personal type of article.

surrealist representation of an eye and tower with sky backgroundI woke up today slightly frustrated by a dream. Though the dream wasn’t exactly a nightmare, it wasn’t pleasant either.

I was slightly late for a class writing a quiz. It was a large class of 40 or 50 – I don’t recall having had something like this in high school, only lectures in university, but the way the students were placed in class was suggestive of high-school. I went to the only empty desk, which was completely empty – no quiz for me. I went to the teacher’s desk (front of the class) to ask for a quiz. He was a different “race” than me, by which I mean that our skin colour was different – and that’s odd, he was unlike any other teacher I had in real life. I asked for a quiz and he pointed to a few papers on his desk. They were all colored and laminated, which meant that I couldn’t write on them. He wasn’t paying attention to me or my request, he was doing a weird thing with his eyes, pretending to look down at the papers on his desk but actually looking at the class from underneath his glasses. I thought he was about to or trying catch someone copying so rather than demand a paper I could write on, I went back to my desk. I also have a sequence in my mind on some kind of fight re: the proper quiz paper he never gave me.

I woke up annoyed with the options I had: I could either “wait out” the quiz and then argue after that I couldn’t write it on a laminated paper (I had a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, silver cool, that could only scratch the surface) or argue about getting a proper paper right there and then, which would have taken more time and resulted in me writing a quiz I didn’t really want to write with a significant time handicap.

Where did this dream come from? I’ve read (or skimmed through) Freud’s and Jung’s writings on interpreting dreams but don’t remember much because I thought they were mostly bs. Still, this dream bothered me. I’m a grown-a* man, why would I be dreaming of high-school?

I then remembered that during the lockdown, I used some of my free time to get a few certifications. I planned to write about these certifications, as I am guessing there may be others who thought along the same lines, and my research into what certifications are worth the time invested may be useful. I’ve used companies such as Certiport and PearsonVue/OnVue and though I passed and got my certification, a couple of times I had to reschedule due to some technical issues. So I shall soon write about that.

The other dimension of my dream has to do with my dislike for some of the choices I am facing and propensity to procrastinate decisions. That’s another, completely different story.

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